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Graduate Assistants / Associates (Including GA/GRA/GTAs)

UT provides insurance for GA/GRA/GTAs who have an appointment of at least 25%. Enrollment is automatic but dependent upon payroll processing.

  • GA/GRA/GTAs enrolled in online programs may not meet insurance eligibility requirements; please contact Student Health for more information
  • Questions about the UT Programs & Services Student Health Fee?
  • Dependent insurance may be purchased separately (your department does not pay for dependents)
  • Insurance effective/expiration dates are determined by your employment dates; always verify your employment dates with your department (international graduate assistants see below for waivers)
  • To visit medical providers outside of the Student Health Center, please see the Referral Guide

International Graduate Assistants/Associates (Including GA/GRA/GTAs)

The Graduate Assistant Insurance Fee Waiver Form will be available 2 weeks prior to the start of each semester (Fall/Spring)


  • Click here to download form
  • Print form –  you must print the form as it requires your signature
  • Enter name, student ID, DOB, email, department, semester, and expected graduation date (if known)
  • Read and initial each statement, including the statement in the yellow box
  • Complete student demographic information
  • Scan and save the document to your computer as a PDF (not a JPG)
    • NOTE: Your smart phone likely has a scanner feature – do not take a picture of the form as it reduces the print quality of the form
  • Open new email
  • Attach and email document to gradinsurancewaiver@utk.edu


  • Waiver forms will be processed after your tuition waiver is complete but does not happen at the same time; removal of the insurance charge can take several weeks.
  • If you lose your assistantship, charges for unpaid periods may be added back to your Bursar (MyUTK) account.
  • Dependent insurance may be purchased and must occur within the first 30 days of the dependent(s) arrival into the United States.
  • If you secure an employment position through the OPT program, contact a Student Health insurance representative as soon as possible for information regarding insurance coverage and/or charges.


Student Health Center
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Phone: 865-974-3135