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Influenza Vaccine

The best way to protect yourself and your loved ones against the flu is to get a flu vaccine every flu season. Flu is a contagious respiratory disease that can lead to serious illness, hospitalization, or even death. CDC recommends everyone six months and older get an annual flu vaccine. Even healthy people can get sick enough to miss work or school for a significant amount of time or even be hospitalized. Every year, flu vaccination prevents illnesses, medical visits, hospitalization, and deaths, and widespread vaccination is an important preventive tool.

Flu vaccines have a good safety record. Hundreds of millions of Americans have safely received flu vaccines over the past 50 years, and extensive research supports the safety of seasonal flu vaccines. Flu vaccines cannot cause flu illness; however, it can cause mild side effects that may be mistaken for flu. For example, people who receive a flu vaccine may feel achy and may have a sore arm where the shot was given. These side effects are NOT flu. If experienced at all, these effects are usually mild and last only 1-2 days.

Flu vaccination is not required for university students, faculty, or staff. In the interest of community health, however, it is strongly recommended. If you have questions about receiving a flu vaccine, please speak with a health care provider. 

The FDA requires that recipients or their caregivers be provided a fact sheet before receiving any vaccination. The fact sheets are intended to help people make informed decisions about vaccinations. 

Source: cdc.gov/flu/ 

Flu Shots at the Student Health Center
Influenza (flu) shots are now available for students, faculty, and staff at the Student Health Center Pharmacy. No appointment is needed. Walk-ins are welcome Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Campus Flu Vaccine Clinics

Flu shots will also be available at a number of convenient locations across campus. The Student Health Center is partnering with departments around campus to offer convenient access to flu vaccines to the campus community. Check the events calendar for dates and times.

Student Health Center
Division of Student Life

1800 Volunteer Blvd.
Knoxville, TN 37996-3102
Phone: 865-974-3135