Updates and Information on Coronavirus (COVID-19)
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Primary Care Clinic

Speak with our Triage Nurse to schedule
865-974-5080, option 7

Mo,Tu,Th,Fr: 8am-4pm
Wed: 9am-4pm

The Primary Care Clinic serves students with ongoing health issues requiring routine follow-up for monitoring and care. Students with ongoing or chronic health issues are encouraged to schedule an initial appointment early during their time at the university to get established with a Primary Care Clinic Provider who can assist them with their ongoing healthcare.

Appointments in the Primary Care Clinic are scheduled by speaking with a Telephone Triage Nurse.

Some Primary Care Clinic appointments are available either virtually or in person. When arranging your appointment, please discuss your preference. 

When arranging your appointment, have your schedule available to discuss alternative dates and/or times to be seen.

The Primary Care Clinic is not an Urgent Care/Walk-in Clinic or an Emergency Room. It serves patients with non-urgent, non-emergent health concerns by appointment only.

Patients who present to the Student Health Center with urgent/emergent medical issues without an appointment are referred to a local Urgent Care/Walk-in Clinic or Emergency Room as appropriate to their condition. Transportation from the SHC to other off-campus healthcare facilities, either by Emergency Medical Service (EMS) or a privately owned vehicle, is not a Health Center provided/covered service.

We encourage you, do not delay definitive care of urgent/emergent medical issues by first coming to the Student Health Center. If you have a question about where you should receive care, contact our Telephone Triage Nurse where a nurse is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with your care.

Notice to those with scheduled Primary Care Clinic Appointments:
To reduce the risk of spreading infection, if you have an appointment in the Primary Care Clinic and on the day of your appointment are experiencing COVID-19 or Flu-like symptoms, please notify the Telephone Triage Nurse before your appointment so that it may be rescheduled if needed.

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