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How the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) Works

If you are insured by the UT Student Health Insurance Plan, the Student Health Center’s medical providers become your primary care physicians. This means that it will be in your best financial interest to be seen at the Student Health Center first.

  • Nearly all services at the on-campus Student Health are covered 100% by the UT Student Health Insurance Plan. Copays apply to a few items, but deductible and coinsurance are waived.
  • To keep your out-of-pocket expenses down, referrals are required to see any medical provider off campus.
  • Referrals expire on July 31 each year, and it is your responsibility to renew those referrals after August 1.
  • All off-campus medical care will be subject to copays, deductibles, and coinsurance (including services rendered at the UT Medical Center).
  • Medical and prescription coverage is unlimited but is subject to copays, deductibles, and coinsurance.

It is important to remember that if you have an emergency and need to go to an area hospital, you need to follow up with the Student Health Center AFTER the hospital visit and BEFORE you see providers to whom you have been referred. All referrals MUST be written by the Student Health Center providers.

Additional policy details can be found at studenthealthprograms.com/documents.


 Hospital Bill  $1000.00
 Deductible  $500 (you pay this + 20% co-insurance)
 Balance  $500 (insurance will pay 80% of this amount)
 Insurance pays  $400 (80% of amount after deductible)
 Balance  $100 (or 20% co-insurance)
 Amount you owe  $500 + 100 = $600

Once your deductible is met, if you were to have another hospital bill of $1000.00 in the same academic year, insurance would pay 80% (or $800.00) of the total amount, leaving you with a total amount owed of $200.00.


The UT Medical Center is the only area hospital that offers students discounts on medical services. To be eligible for UTMC discounts, the student must have paid the Programs and Services Student Health Fee prior to visiting the UT Medical Center.

Student Health Center
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