Updates and Information on Coronavirus (COVID-19)
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Student Health Center building

UT Student Health Center Patient Portal Link (UTK Students Only)

***The SHC is experiencing a significant volume of calls for COVID-19 related appointments, testing, and results.***

Because many COVID-19 related questions are covered in the links below, please review this information prior to calling the SHC. After reviewing this information, should you have remaining questions or concerns, then contact the SHC for additional assistance.

COVID-19: What To Do If You Are Sick

If you have a fever, cough, or other symptoms, you might have COVID-19. Most people have mild illness and are able to recover at home. Click on the above link to view additional information about managing your illness.

If you are sick, please stay in, avoid being around others as much as possible, and contact your health care provider for any symptoms that are worsening, moderate to severe, or concerning to you. 

Those with mild to moderate symptoms who also have risk factors for developing severe disease and hospitalization may be candidates for outpatient COVID-19 therapeutics. You can find more information about outpatient COVID-19 therapeutics here. Contact your healthcare provider to see if you might be a candidate.

Faculty, staff, and students that are ill should submit a COVID Support Form (see below). When you submit the form, members of our COVID Support Team are notified and will reach out to you with helpful guidance and resource connections.

***Daily Health Screening and COVID Support Form***

If you are ill, please avoid coming to or being out on campus and call your healthcare provider for any symptoms that are severe or concerning to you.

Daily monitoring for COVID-19 exposure risks and symptoms is an easy measure you can employ to prevent your risk of spreading infection. Therefore, all students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to complete a daily health self-assessment before being out on campus each day.

Additionally, so that our COVID-19 Support Team can assist you with further guidance, a COVID Support Form should be completed by those who:

  1. Have symptoms of COVID-19 infection but have not yet been tested,
  2. Are awaiting a COVID-19 test result,
  3. Have tested positive for COVID-19 infection, or
  4. Are a close contact of a known COVID-19 infected individual.

Click on the above link for additional information and to access the Daily Health Self-Check App and the COVID Support Form.

***COVID-19 Vaccines & Boosters***

Use this link to view additional information about the COVID-19 vaccines and how you may schedule an appointment to receive them. COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective, and free, and they are readily available throughout the community through a variety of distributors, including both on and off-campus.

***COVID-19 Testing & Results***

Use this link to view additional information about getting tested for COVID-19 through the Student Health Center.

***Outpatient COVID-19 Therapeutics***

Use this link to learn more about outpatient COVID 19 therapies used to treat select patients who are mild to moderately ill with risk factors for severe illness and hospitalization.

***COVID-19 Daily Data***

With the availability of free vaccinations and diagnostic testing, the university is now managing COVID-19 like other infectious diseases and will no longer post daily data updates as of May 20, 2022. Resources continue to be available for the campus community through the Student Health Center as noted above.

***Influenza Vaccine***

Flu season has arrived earlier than usual on campus this year. If you have not yet received this year’s Flu vaccine, please don’t delay any longer. Being vaccinated for the Flu greatly reduces your risk of getting infected. But, if you do get infected, it significantly reduces your risk of complications. Widespread influenza vaccination significantly reduces the risk of spread in the community and households and is the best action you can take to protect yourself and others.

Use this link to view additional information about influenza and getting your annual Flu vaccine through the Student Health Center.

Caring for All Vols

The Student Health Center believes every person should be able to reach their health potential. Caring for All Vols means addressing the health care needs of every student we encounter, irrespective of their race, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, gender expression, physical ability, or socioeconomic status. We believe that you should be respected and treated as an individual and deserve to be welcomed and receive quality health care.


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