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UTSHC Laboratory Services: Common Lab Charges

Certain exams and evaluations have some commonly performed labs. Other labs my be more commonly ordered than others. Examples are noted below*.

These are not all inclusive lists of available labs. These lists are intended to provide our patients some examples of commonly obtained labs and there charges. Your tests and charges will be individualized for you at the time of your evaluation. Your Provider will discuss them with you prior to ordering.

Top Ten Lab Tests (2016)  Student Fee
1. Chlamydia & GC Amplification  $33
2. CBC w/differential  $20
3. Health 1 Panel  $14
4. PapIG, CT-NG, reflex HPV ASCU  $84
5. CMP14 + Egfr (CMP LC)  $6
6. TSH  $5
7. HIV 4th Generation  $30
8. Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy  $30
9. Culture: Urine, routine  $32
10. TSH+Free T4  $21
*All prices are subject to change without notice
*This is a listing of the top 10 tests performed routinely at Student Health
*Additional laboratory tests are available at Student Health and some tests may have an automatic re-test or pathologist fee depending on the result

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