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Scheduling Appointments

Scheduling Appointments

All Health Center Providers are seen by appointment only. To facilitate access to care, the Student Health Center offers multiple scheduling options. More information about your scheduling options may be viewed below or obtained by speaking with an Appointment Clerk.


  • Appointment Desk: (865) 974-3648.


Scheduling in Primary Clinical Service Areas:

Sixty percent of our daily appointments are for same day care through our Primary Clinical Service areas. Primary Clinical Service Areas include: Triage/Acute Care Clinic (ACC), Primary Care Clinic (PCC), Women’s Health Clinic (WHC), and Sports Medicine Clinic (SMC)/Physical Therapy (PT). Remaining appointments in the Primary Clinical Service Areas are reserved for Advanced scheduling.

Same Day Appointments fill quickly. Calling early, between the hours of 8:00 to 9:00 AM (Wednesdays 9:00 -10:00 AM), is highly encouraged.

You can read more about each area at Clinics and Services .


  • Acute Care Assessment (ACC)/Triage Nurse: (865) 974-5080
  • Same Day Appointments (PCC and WHC): (865) 974-3648
  • Same Day Sports Medicine / Physical Therapy Appointments: (865) 974-5663
  • Advanced Appointments (PCC, WHC, SMC/PT): (865) 974-3648 or Online Scheduling/Student Health Portal

    Scheduling in Specialty Service Areas:

    Multiple areas of specialty care are offered at the Health Center. For example, we provide allergy injections and immunizations in the Allergy and Immunization Clinic. Appointments for work physicals or other special purposes are available in the Physical Exam Section. Mental healthcare is available through our Mental Health Clinic. In-house consultations in General Surgery and Gynecology can arranged by obtaining a referral from a Health Center clinician. Many other health services are also available. Appointments in the Specialty Service areas are by Advanced scheduling only. More information on these areas and how to schedule an appointment with them is available at Clinics and Services .

    Students requiring chronic or complex physical and/or mental health care are expected to make arrangements for private health care. The staff of the Student Health Center will assist in the referral process whenever possible. Referral to off-campus Providers is arranged at the student’s expense. Health insurance information will be required.


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