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After-Hours Care:
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UT Medical Center ER
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(At UTER present UT ID and Medical Insurance card to be eligible for UT Medical Center student agreement pricing.  Please note that insurance will be accepted; however, insurance deductibles still do apply and students may be responsible for out of pocket costs if deductibles for the year have not yet been met.)

Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy    (865) 974-5663

The Sports Medicine Clinic (SMC) assists in maintaining our students' active lifestyles. This area of the Student Health Center consists of the Sports Medicine evaluation and treatment area and the Physical Therapy Center.

Our Staff:

Cat Janeway, Sports Medicine Administrative Assistant, is the first friendly face you will meet when you enter Sports Medicine Clinic & Physical Therapy.  She will assist with patient check in, completion of necessary paperwork and can schedule a follow up appointment if needed.  Her goal is to help provide the best possible patient experience at the Student Health Center. She has been a member of the Student Health team for 9 years.

Stacie Dixon, RN, is another essential team member in the Sports Medicine Clinic.  Stacie has been a nurse for over 17 years and has a strong background in orthopedics and family practice.  Her primary goal is to provide safe and efficient patient care in a very positive atmosphere.  She is responsible for assisting in the care of injuries through crutch and brace fitting and coordination of diagnostic testing and referrals.

The SMC is staffed by Dr. Rebecca Morgan, a Board Certified Sports Medicine Specialist, who evaluates sports related injuries, such as sprains, strains, and simple fractures, and develops a treatment plan for a safe return to activity. This is often accomplished through a coordinated effort with the Physical Therapist, Teresa Johnston. Dr. Morgan also has expertise in managing concussions sustained in sporting events, and can develop a treatment plan for safe return to activity.

The PT Department is headed by Teresa Johnston, PT/ATC. She is a licensed physical therapist and athletic trainer, and has twenty-seven years of experience treating sports injuries in athletes. She provides comprehensive care in the new, state-of-the-art, Physical Therapy Center in the Sports Medicine Clinic.


Sports Medicine: Students may access the Sports Medicine Clinic by scheduling an appointment through the Online Scheduling/Student Health Portal or with our appointment clerk at (865) 974-5663. Appointments are also available by referral from a Primary Care or Acute Care Provider.

Physical Therapy: If you are currently in need of ongoing Physical Therapy, new Physical Therapy consultation, even from an outside Provider, or would like to meet with a Physical Therapist to discuss your concerns, appointments for PT may be scheduled through the Online Scheduling/Student Health Portal or with our appointment clerk at (865) 974-5663. Appointments are also available by referral from a Primary Care, Acute Care, or Sports Medicine Clinic Provider.

Appointment Attire:

Students with an appointment in the Sports Medicine/Physical Therapy department should bring or wear comfortable clothing, preferably shorts, to facilitate evaluation and treatment of injuries and should allow an hour or more for appointments. A limited number of Physical Therapy appointments are available for each diagnosis and treatment plan. Patients requiring more than the allotted visits will be referred to an outside facility for further care.

Physical Therapy Charges:

Students with the University sponsored Student Health Insurance plan will have their insurance billed directly. The following fees will not apply.

Students with other health insurance, where third party billing is unavailable through the Student Health Center, and students without health insurance, are assessed from the following fees with their initial Physical Therapy visit.

Exam Fees - Physical Therapy Evaluation: $50.00, Physical Therapy Re-evaluation: $35.00

Therapy Fees - Electrical Stimulation (Unattended): $12.00, Paraffin bath: $12.00, Whirlpool: $12.00,  UltraSound (each 15 minutes): $12.00, Therapeutic Exercises (each 15 minutes): $25.00,  Manual Therapy (each 15 minutes): $25.00

(Students with health insurance, other than the University sponsored Student Health Insurance plan, often find it financially advantageous to receive a referral to an outside therapy center. Referrals may be arranged through the SMC.)


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