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(Present U.T. ID and Medical Insurance card to be eligible for U.T. Medical Center student agreement pricing.  Please note that insurance will be accepted; however, insurance deductibles still apply and the student may be responsible for out of pocket costs if the student has not met his or her insurance deductible for the year.)

Physical Examination Section

Students are often required to have physical exams performed for special purposes. The Physical Exam Section (PES) provides access to a Medical Provider for physicals required by certain organizations, or groups, for participation or employment. Most special purpose physicals can be completed at our facility. Some may require consultation with medical specialists not available on our staff. Some special tests or interpretations of testing may not be available at our clinic.

It is imperative that you bring all paperwork pertaining to your physical to your initial office visit, ensuring that all patient sections are appropriately completed. You must also complete a copy of the UT Medical Health History Questionnaire, available through the on-line web portal or for pick-up at the Student Health Center, prior to your initial visit. Failure to comply with these measures will delay completion of your physical. If lab, x-ray, or outside consultation is required to complete your physical, you should anticipate charges. Some physicals will require more than one visit to be completed.

Should you have questions regarding special purpose physicals, you may contact the Physical Exam Section at (865)974-2315. If you need to schedule an appointment for the PES, you may do so online or by calling an Appointment Clerk at (865)974-3648. Online, you will need to look under the Primary Care Clinic and schedule an appointment for a Special Purpose Physical.

Listed below are some examples of special physicals performed through this facility:

  • ROTC PT Participation
  • Peace Corps
  • Daycare
  • UT Child Development Lab
  • Travel Abroad
  • Summer Camp Employe
  • Pre-Participation Athletic Physical
  • RecSports Evaluation
  • Pre-Marital Exams
  • Foster Parent
  • Pre-Employment
  • UT Police
  • School / College Physicals

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